Punjab leader approaches HC, Claims Biased Live Telecast in Punjab Assembly Sessions

Punjab leader approaches HC, Claims Biased Live Telecast in Punjab Assembly Sessions

Partap Singh Bajwa, the leader of opposition in Punjab, has taken the matter to the High Court, raising concerns about the quality of the camera used during live telecasts in the State Assembly. He alleges that when opposition MLAs speak, the camera fails to focus properly and doesn't capture their entire speech, in contrast to the coverage provided to the ruling party.

Bajwa contends that when members of the ruling party address the assembly, the camera maintains focus and captures the full audio, even zooming in on the AAP speaker to distinctly identify the speaker.

The petitioner has attached several images of the Vidhan Sabha, highlighting what they perceive as unequal treatment toward the opposition. They argue that both opposition and government MLAs represent their constituencies, thus any discrimination extends to the constituents themselves. The plea emphasizes that despite a formal representation made to the Speaker regarding this issue, the concerns raised were not addressed.

Furthermore, the petitioner asserts that the actions taken by the respondents are discriminatory towards opposition MLAs, infringing upon their right to equality. The petitioner is therefore seeking a directive to the State, Speaker, and Secretary to the Legislative Assembly, requesting equal coverage for opposition MLAs during the live broadcast of the Punjab Vidhan Sabha Session.

The matter is listed for hearing on November 22.

Case Title: Pratap Singh Bajwa v. State of Punjab.

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