SC dismissed a petition seeking ban of operations of BBC in India alleging that it was taking an "anti-India" position

SC dismissed a petition seeking ban of operations of BBC in India alleging that it was taking an "anti-India" position

On February 10, the Supreme Court rejected a petition that alleged the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was adopting a "anti-India" stance and sought to have its operations in India banned. Vishnu Gupta, the president of the Hindu Sena, filed the petition after the Central Government forbade BBC from running a documentary that was critical of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

The plea was denied by a bench made up of Justices Sanjiv Khanna and MM Sundersh, who described it as "completely misconceived."

As soon as the matter was taken, Justice Khanna said "this is totally misconceived". In response, Senior Advocate Pinky Anand, representing the petitioner, said,  "Kindly see the background when the documentary has happened. Today you have a position, when you have an Indian as the Prime Minister of UK. India is rising as an economic power".

The senior attorney asked the panel to post the case alongside the other petitions contesting the Centre's decision to deny the public access to the film "India: The Modi Question." The bench, however, disagreed and declared that the petition was dismissed because it was "totally misconceived, without merit." 

The petition, which was submitted through an attorney named Barun Kumar Sinha, also requested that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) be directed to launch an investigation into "anti-India and anti-Indian Government reporting/documentary films/short films including its employee journalist in India." 

According to the argument, the cause of action began when BBC broadcast the contentious documentary movie about the 2002 Godhra riots. 
According to some, the current state of peace and national integrity in India is being harmed by the BBC. The petition submits -

“Indian’s overall growth has picked up momentum since 2014 under the Prime Ministership of Sh. Narendra Modi, is not being digested by anti India lobby, media particularly BBC. Therefore, the BBC has been biased against India and Indian Government"

It also references the Supreme Court ruling from 2022 supporting the SIT investigation, which disproved a bigger conspiracy by state officials to cause the Gujarat riots.

Case Title : Vishnu Gupta and another versus Union of India 
Citation: W.P.(C) No. 151/2023

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