Delhi HC gave permission for peaceful protest at Jantar Mantar

Delhi HC gave permission for peaceful protest at Jantar Mantar

The Delhi High Court has granted approval for a peaceful demonstration at Jantar Mantar following a petition filed in the court. The court's decision comes as a relief to the petitioner, who argued a violation of fundamental rights under Article 19 (1) B of the Constitution.

The petitioner contested the rejection of their demonstration application by the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police.

This demonstration was to be held on 25 to 30 October between 10:00 am to 6:00 am. The police had then rejected this application citing that their demand did not appear to be in accordance with the guidelines issued for protests around the Central Vista including Jantar Mantar and Boat Club.

In the guidelines issued for the demonstration at Jantar Mantar, it has been said that while giving permission for the demonstration here, the possibility of 'minimum disturbance' has to be kept in mind. Also, this demonstration can take place only from 10 am to 5 pm.

Justice Subramaniam Prasad, while reviewing the status report, allowed the petitioner's plea. He said the permission is subject to compliance with the guidelines mentioned in the standing order. Since the petitioner wants to protest on 17th December, the court allows him to protest at Jantar Mantar.


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