It is difficult to study law without knowing good English, CJI DY Chandrachud advices students

It is difficult to study law without knowing good English, CJI DY Chandrachud advices students

Chief Justice of India Dr. DY Chandrachud recently said that there are many barriers to accessing legal education and entering the legal profession. He said that cracking the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) was an example of such a hurdle. The CJI said that CLAT can be cracked only by those students who have access to good English medium schools.

CJI Chandrachud said, “Only those people can crack CLAT, who have access to English schools and good schools. Have access to the legal profession? We are putting up barriers." The CJI was speaking at a function in Mumbai where he was felicitated by the Bar Council of Maharashtra and Goa. CJI advocates live-streaming of court proceedings. He said this would help law students who do not have good professors.

CJI Chandrachud said, “The reason I have been told why we should not do live streaming is because lawyers will be indulging in theatrics. I'm not that cynical. There will definitely be drama. But there is also a reason that there will be access to knowledge of law, in schools which do not have good professors. They can look at any matter and there can be a discussion in the class.

CJI Chandrachud said that I am always asked why should we pay so much fees? He said, “One must recognize the value of an intern or a lawyer. We must look to young people as individuals who will make a valuable contribution to insight. We can't have a democratised bar until we start paying juniors." Also read: The tussle between the Central Government and the Supreme Court Collegium has further increased.

The CJI emphasized on what young lawyers can bring to the table during court proceedings, including enabling judges to understand the thought process of young lawyers at the Bar. He said, “I always encourage junior lawyers to refer cases in my court. Over tea I was asked why I do this. I had 60 cases and it has increased to 110. I was asked why waste time on such things when one can do other work. But I believe that the pulse of the country is known from the junior lawyers.

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