Karnataka HC Directs BCI to Disclose University Affiliation Details Online

Karnataka HC Directs BCI to Disclose University Affiliation Details Online

The Karnataka High Court has instructed the Bar Council of India to ensure that its website includes comprehensive information about university affiliations, college names, and other relevant details.

A single judge bench of Justice Suraj Govindaraj said “The Bar Council of India is directed to add the following columns, the date on which an application for extension of affiliation is made, the date on which the payment was made, including the details thereof, and the initial affiliation letter issued by the Bar Counsel to the particular college with the PDF copy uploaded. The approved intake of the college and such other and further details as the Bar Council may deem fit taking into account the changed circumstances as on today.”

During the hearing of a petition from B.M.S. College of Law, which asserted its establishment in 1963 and its offering of three-year and five-year degree courses in law, the Karnataka High Court issued directives. The college claimed to have consistently paid the requisite fees for affiliation renewal to the Bar Council of India, respondent No.1, and asserted that such affiliations had been regularly renewed.

Despite the petitioner's payment for an extension of affiliation for the academic year 2023-2024 on December 15, 2023, the affiliation should have been automatically extended for the academic year 2027-2028 as per the terms.

In the list of Law Colleges/Universities (CLE's) with Bar Council of India affiliation approval, dated May 15, 2023, as published on the Bar Council's website, the petitioner's affiliation status is indicated to be active only until the academic year 2017-18. However, the affiliation should have reflected an extension until the academic year 2026-2027.

It was stated that a representation was submitted to the Bar Council of India on February 13, 2024, requesting the correction of the details. However, no action has been taken on this representation as of now.

In accordance with this, the Karnataka High Court directed the Bar Council of India to review the petitioner's representation dated February 13, 2024, and to make necessary amendments to the approved list of Law Colleges/Universities (CLEs) published on the website. This action should be completed within eight weeks from the date of receiving a copy of the court order.

Case Title: B.M.S College Of Law AND Bar Council of India & ANR

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