SC Stays Gujarat HC Order, Halts Recovery of Grazing Land Allotted to Adani Ports Near Mundra Port

SC Stays Gujarat HC Order, Halts Recovery of Grazing Land Allotted to Adani Ports Near Mundra Port

The Supreme Court granted significant relief to Adani Ports by staying a Gujarat High Court order directing the state government to reclaim 108 hectares of grazing land allocated to the company near Mundra port in Kachchh district. The court has requested the Gujarat government to respond to the issue.

The issue dates back to 2005 when Adani Ports was allotted 108 hectares of land. In 2010, as Adani Ports & SEZ began fencing the land, residents of Navinal village filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) challenging the allocation of 231 hectares of grazing land to Adani Ports.

The villagers argued that the allotment would drastically reduce their grazing land to just 45 acres, leading to shortages. In 2014, the court closed the case when the state government assured that 387 hectares of government land had been designated for grazing purposes.

Following the failure of the initial assurance, a contempt petition was filed. In 2015, the state government submitted a review petition, disclosing that only 17 hectares were currently available for allocation to the village panchayat. The government suggested allocating the remaining land, situated approximately 7 kilometers away. However, the villagers opposed this proposal, arguing that the distance was too far for their cattle to graze effectively.

In April this year, the court asked a senior revenue official to come up with a solution. The official responded that the state government had decided to take back nearly 108 hectares -- 266 acres -- of land that had been allocated to Adani Ports in 2005.

The revenue department said the state will "replenish" the villagers by adding government land to the tract taken back from Adani Power. The High Court then asked the state government to implement this.

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