"You may be the President", must not "raise his voice" and "try to browbeat the Court": Justices MR Shah to Vikas Singh

"You may be the President", must not "raise his voice" and "try to browbeat the Court": Justices MR Shah to Vikas Singh

Senior Advocate Vikas Singh, President, SCBA, angered the Supreme Court bench of Justices MR Shah and CT Ravikumar on Tuesday where Justices MR Shah stated that while Mr. Singh "may be the President," he must not "raise his voice" and "attempt to browbeat the Court." 

The Special Judge (POCSO Cases) from Rajasthan brought an SLP before the court in opposition to a decision made by the Rajasthan High Court's Single Bench in Jaipur in November 2020, which stated that comments and observations made by the SLP petitioner-judicial officer against a police official in the order sheet would be deleted and overturned.

The SLP petitioner's attorney, Singh, expressed disappointment with the SC's order dated January 12, 2023, which instructed the Registry to refer the case to the CJI for referral to the proper bench. Singh is appearing on behalf of the SLP petitioner. 

According to the order, the matter must be heard by the Justices M.R. Shah and C.T. Ravikumar in combination because that Bench only heard part of it. 
On the other hand, Singh argued that the case had not been partially heard by any other Bench and had instead been heard for a while on preliminary issues by the Justices Ajay Rastogi and C.T.Ravikumar in combination.

Here Justice Shah expressed displeasure at the manner in which the submission was being made. "Why are you raising your voice?" he asked Singh.

When the matter was summoned on January 5 during the pre-lunch session, the bench of Justices Shah and Ravikumar criticised the SLP petitioner's behaviour "If judicial officials behave in such a manner, where would the citizenry go? In a recent incident, some individuals attacked a police officer inside the courtroom of a judge in Bihar. There was also this other instance ", Justice Shah had verbally chastised the petitioner's side.

"All judges, including us, have to exercise judicial restraint", Justice Shah had said. The panel had scheduled the matter for 2 PM on the same day to deliberate the next step, taking a firm stance against the petitioner's acts. After lunch, at 2 PM, Mr. Singh came on behalf of the petitioner-judge, explaining that he had been absent earlier because a letter regarding the case had been disseminated. Mr. Singh had previously informed the panel that the petitioner is an honourable officer, that he does not intend to retract his argument and that the panel may hear it, and that as a result, he is prepared to bear whatever repercussions. "We will not pass any orders without hearing Mr. Vikas Singh", the bench had then orally said, putting up the matter on a future date.


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